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CycleBeads Are Helping Women Around the World Plan or Prevent Pregnancy

Did you see our most recent infographic? Let us break it down for you. Here's the first section... As you can see by the countries marked in blue, CycleBeads are offered by health programs in nea

CycleBeads Top 10 Myths About This Natural Family Planning Method: Myth #4 - It's Only for Certain Types of People

CycleBeads Myth: This is just for Catholics or other religious people

Why Did You Choose CycleBeads as Your Birth Control Method?

To avoid side effects?  To save money?  For some other reason?  Everyone is different!   We recently polled CycleBeads users about whether they use CycleBeads to plan or prevent pregnancy. Most users (approximately 75%) said they chose CycleBeads to prevent pregnancy. ...

Planning or Preventing? Survey Results Are In!

CycleBeads is a fertility awareness tool that can be used either to PLAN or PREVENT pregnancy. We were interested to find out how women were actually using CycleBeads, so we recently surveyed CycleBeads users. We found that most users, approximately three-quarters, were using CycleBeads (or an ...

Are You Using CycleBeads to PLAN or PREVENT Pregnancy?

We want to hear from CycleBeads users!  Are you using CycleBeads (or iCycleBeads) to PLAN or PREVENT pregnancy? Please take our one-question survey. Click here to take survey. Thank you for your feedback!