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Top 3 Tips for Period Tracking

With all of the different ways to track your menstrual cycle these days, including a plethora of high-tech, period-tracking apps and online calendars, it's easy to lose sight of which information is most important

Trying to Conceive? These Five Tips May Help You Get Pregnant Faster.

When we're trying to conceive, many of us drive ourselves crazy

Did you miss the webinar on Fertility Awareness Based Methods?

Which FAMs are evidence based? Why are FAMs becoming so popular? How do women learn about fertility awareness methods? If you missed the recent CT EduSeries webinar, you can watch the recorded presentation below.   

Not All Natural Family Planning Methods are the Same

Good news! There are more effective birthcontrol options for women today than ever before. And while natural family planning options have been around for decades, they have been improved with newer research and advances in technology. The medical community has taken notice and is offering ...

750,000 Pregnancies Planned Using CycleBeads!!!

CycleBeads aren’t just about preventing pregnancy. Many women use this family planning method to help them get pregnant. In fact, since 2002 over 750,000 pregnancies have been successfully planned using this natural family planning option!  

Top 10 Facts About CycleBeads

Recently we ran a series on the CycleBeads blog, called Top 10 Myths About CycleBeads. In case you missed it, here is the list translated into the Top 10 Facts About CycleBeads.  To see the original articles explaining  the myths and responding in detail, see the links below: <

CycleBeads Top 10 Myths About This Natural Family Planning Method: Myth #8 - Ovulation on Day 14

CycleBeads Myth: This method only works if you ovulate on day 14 of your cycle. T

CycleBeads Top 10 Myths About This Natural Family Planning Method: Myth #1 - Effectiveness

We hear a lot of innacurate claims when it comes to CycleBeads, and we'd like to address the most common myths about this family planning option in a top 10 list. We'll be sharing these top 10 myths and responding to them over the n

New Survey Indicates That Women Planning Pregnancies Get Pregnant Fast with CycleBeads

A recent survey of women who had purchased CycleBeads with the intention of planning a pregnancy, indicated interesting results: -  80% of women using CycleBeads to achieve pregnancy, were pregnant within 6 months and most of these women were pregnant within the first 3 ...

Fertility Myth - I Can Get Pregnant Any Day of My Cycle

Myth: I can get pregnant any day of my cycle. Truth: There are only a limited number of days during a woman's cycle when pregnancy is possible. Many women grow up hearing that they can get pregnant any day of the month. This is usually information given to them by well ...

How are iCycleBeads Family Planning Apps Different From Other Fertility Apps?

It seems there are a million fertility apps out there. Want to get a daily reminder to take your birth control pill? Want to get pregnant? Want to have a girl? Want to know what your baby will look like at week 8?  Want to know if your period is likely to come this weekend? There's ...

Natural Family Planning, NFP, Fertility Awareness - What Does It All Mean?

Natural family planning, fertility awareness, natural birth control, FAB, FAM - chances are you have heard these terms thrown around and may only have a vague idea of what they mean. All of these are terms used to describe basically the same thing - a set of practices that ...

Can't I get pregnant any time during my cycle?

No. Research shows that there are a small number of days during which a woman is likely to get pregnant – a few days before she ovulates and the day she ovulates. But these days may not be at the same time every cycle because a woman doesn’t always ovulate at the same time. Studies conducted by ...

What is ovulation?

Ovulation is the release of an egg by a woman’s ovary. There are thousands of eggs inside a woman’s ovaries. The natural chemicals in a woman's body triggers the development of one of these eggs every cycle. When the egg is ready to be fertilized, it comes out of the ovary and travels down a ...

Can I use this family planning method if I just stopped using a non-hormonal IUD?

Yes. A non-hormonal IUD has no effect on ovulation or cycle length. If your cycles were between 26 and 32 days long before you began using the IUD (in other words they were generally about a month apart), then you can begin using the Standard Days Method as soon as you get your next period.

Which days are fertile according to the Standard Days Method?

The Standard Days Method identifies the fertile period – the time when a woman could get pregnant - as days 8 through 19 of her menstrual cycle. The fertile period identified by this family planning method is 12 days long because it takes into account the lifespan of the sperm (5 days), the ...

How was the Standard Days Method Developed and Tested?

To develop this family planning method, researchers at the Institute for Reproductive Health created a computer model, based on data from the World Health Organization, and determined that women who usually have menstrual cycles between 26 and 32 days long are potentially fertile – or able to ...

Family Planning with Beads?

We’ve heard it all… Is this jewelry? Should I wear CycleBeads® around my neck? Are these rosary beads? And even a few responses that aren’t quite fit for print. So why did we decide to use beads to help women use the Standard Days Method® of family planning?


CycleBeads® and iCycleBeads apps are based on a natural family planning method called the Standard Days Method®. This method was developed by the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University to fulfill the need for an effective, easy to use, natural birth control ...

Ovulation Questions

Ovulation Ovulation is the release of an egg from a woman’s ovary, and occurs each month for most women. If the released egg is fertilized and successfully implants, it results in a pregnancy.  When is Ovulation? When is ovulation exactly? This can be ...

Plan Pregnancy

Want To Get Pregnant Fast? Know Your Days. There are only six days during any cycle when a woman can get pregnant - the five days leading up to ovulation and the 24 hours after ovulation. This is because sperm can live for up to 5 days in a woman's body, and the ovum lives for only 12-24 ...


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