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It's Here - A New Family Planning Option!

We are so proud to introduce a new period tracking and fertility management app called Dot™. Dot uses the latest in science and technology to identify a woman's conception risks using just her period start dates. Working with data scientists and reproductive health experts,

CycleBeads App Helps Kenyan Women Plan or Prevent Pregnancy with Just a Smartphone

  As seen on Nairobi, Kenya - Women in Kenya can now prevent pregnancy without side effects using a free smartphone app called CycleBeads®. The

Did you miss the webinar on Fertility Awareness Based Methods?

Which FAMs are evidence based? Why are FAMs becoming so popular? How do women learn about fertility awareness methods? If you missed the recent CT EduSeries webinar, you can watch the recorded presentation below.   

We've Come A Long Way in 12 Years!

When we lauched CycleBeads in 2002, having a website was considered cutting edge. Only 9% of the global population was online. We loved our website! But oh how times have changed... Today 40% of the world's population has internet access. And the website isn't just an ...

New Company Website -

Cycle Technologies, the company that makes CycleBeads, has a new website. We love it! Check it out at  And a special thank you to

Thinking About Using CycleBeads? Screen Yourself!

The CycleBeads® website has a handy online self-screener to help you determine whether you can use CycleBeads as your contraceptive method. Here are the questions to consider, but make sure to use the self-screener to find out what the advice is for your answers...

Introducing iCycleBeads Online - Family Planning via the Web

We are thrilled to be launching iCycleBeads™ Online and our redesigned website! iCycleBeads Online is the only web app in the world based on the Standard Days Method® of family planning. A user receives a private internet account where she can easily track the ...

How do I get pregnant using the Standard Days Method of family planning?

If a woman wants to achieve pregnancy while using this family planning method, she and her partner should have intercourse during her fertile days - days 8-19. Most doctors recommend that a couple should have intercourse at least every other day during their fertile days of cycle for the ...

How do I prevent pregnancy using the Standard Days Method of family planning?

If a woman wants to avoid pregnancy while using this family planning method, she and her partner should either abstain or use a back-up method of birth control during her fertile days of cycle - days 8-19.  She should also monitor her cycles and ensure that they remain in the ...

How this family planning method works

How Does the Standard Days Method of Family Planning Work? The Standard Days Method® is a fertility awareness-based family planning method that identifies a fixed fertile window for women with cycles that are between 26 and 32 days long. For women with cycles in this range, the ...